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The Wood Dragon

Don't let the Wood Dragon Step on Your Toes!

Welcome to Dancing With The Dragon!

A word of advice and some more help: The Wood Dragon year is a simple year to navigate. Just follow the Five Guidelines I share within this content. The only area I'd watch for is... Ensure your actions, language, and habits match what you want or are being called to do. Dragons call for us to be congruent and in alignment.

The Dragon will show you if you say you want one thing and do something else.

Wood Dragon Years are the best out of the 60-year cycle to manifest and create, but you must stay in a high-vibrational place. It doesn't always have to be perfect, but you are being asked to rise up and meet the highest version of you. 

Your Dancing With The Dragon Content.

On this page, you'll find all the content from the Masterclass, the slides I used and all the gifts I gave away. Everything is clearly laid out and broken down into bite-size pieces. 

The exception being the slides and the chat, which I have left in one set for ease of viewing. 

Here's a link to download the the slides. https://shor.by/DancingSlides

Here's a link to download the the chat. https://shor.by/DancingChat

Dancing With The Dragon was divided into 5 Parts. 

Part 4: Dancing Lessons  (Two Videos/Audio)

Part 5: Energy Specific Dancing  (Two Videos/Audio)

The content from each of these 5 parts has been broken down into a number of short videos for ease of viewing. And you also have an audio version too. 

I have also included our Q&A sessions from the live event as they contained some fascinating conversations and I went deeper than the core content. 

I also gave you some presents to help you Dance With The Dragon.

Part 1: Setting The Scene & The Chinese Zodiac

Welcome - Setting The Scene & An Introduction To The Chinese Zodiac (8:19 mins)

Video 1 

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Part 2: The Wood Dragon - The Energy of Now

The Essence of Wood Energy (12:27 mins)

Video 2

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Discussion and Q&A Following Session 1   (13:35 mins)

Video 3

Click Here for an audio only version. 

The Essence of Dragons   (7:42 mins)

Video 4

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Discussion and Q&A Following Session 2   (18:10 mins)

Video 5

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Part 3: Your Five Guiding Principles For 2024

1. Be Clear on What you Want and Who you Are - Part 1 (7:28 mins)

Video 6

Click Here for an audio only version. 

2. Breakout Rooms Instructions (1:16 mins)

Video 7

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Breakout Rooms Discussion and Q&A (10:35 mins)

Video 8

Click Here for an audio only version. 

1. Be Clear on What you Want and Who you Are - Going Deeper  (3:33 mins)

Video 9

Click Here for an audio only version. 

2. Be Congruent within those Desires and Dreams (2:30 mins)

Video 10

Click Here for an audio only version. 

3. Look for and Permit the Possibilities To Exist (5:36 mins)

Video 11

Click Here for an audio only version. 

4. Take Inspired Action Aligned with your Promise (3:10 mins)

Video 12

Click Here for an audio only version. 

4. Break Through Each Block As It Arrives (5:06 mins)

Video 13

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Part 4: Dancing Lessons

The Basic of How To Dance With The Five Energies (5:14 mins)

Video 14

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Discussion and Q&A Following Session 4   (16:53 mins)

Video 15

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Part 5: Energy Specific Dancing

Energy Specific Dancing (19:59 mins)

Video 16

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Discussion and Q&A Following Session 5 and the Final GoodBye   (14:00 mins)

Video 17

Click Here for an audio only version. 

Your Wood Dragon Tool Kit (To be used if required!)

In your Wood Dragon Tool Kit, you have all the gifts I gave during the Masterclass. This content is designed to support you in specific areas of life or within your relationships. If you don't need any help in one particular area, ignore that content.

1. The Vitality Test

You can see your Vitality Test Results by clicking on the image and entering the email and password you used to take it. 

If you want to take The Vitality Test again, and have it linked with your old test, then enter the same email Here. Then re-log into your account you'll see a new blank test for you to take. 

The Vitality Test Logo Transparency New Blue

2. The Five Energies Made Simple

This document is called What You Need to Know About Each Energy and is about as simple as it gets!


3. Balance & Boost Each Energy

In this PDF I share some simple practices, exercises and tips to balance and boost each Energy.

Click on the image, or on this link


4. The 7 Myths about Purpose

This content explores how the Seven Myths About Purpose can lead us to think we haven't found our purpose. Remember purpose only matters to some Energies. This video explains more.  

This will help with the concept of your promise. 

5. Fear, Fright and Things That Go Bump In The Night

In this video we explore Fear, Fright and Things That Go Bump In The Night.

Although Fear is associated with just one Energy (Water) the expression of that fear is determined by each of the other Energies, and our life experience.  So, it is a unique expression for you.  In this video, I discuss all of that

In the video, I refer to the Five Fears relating to each Energy, here is some more content on that https://shor.by/TheFiveFears

6. Conscious Questions

Here is an introduction to Conscious Questions, which are a way to stop unwanted thoughts, change a feeling, clear a limiting belief, resolve the past or just feel better about yourself. Plus allow your Unconscious Mind to resolve Internal or External Contradictions.

This is when one part of you wants or believes one thing and another part of you doesn't - or would feel it's detrimental in some way.  This is one of the main reasons we feel stressed or don't take action. 

7. The Answer 

If you want to learn more about Conscious Questions, I taught a Masterclass called The Answer

Click Here to find out more.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Answer is included in Confidence, Flow and Finding You. And as part of the membership to This Vital Life

"This needs to be taught in every school."

I had to email you. I can't believe what just happened and the power of your Conscious Question stack. I feel calm, powerful and finally at peace, WTF!!!! And it was instant OMG!!!! OMG OMG and simple. This needs to be taught in every school."   - John via email -

8. The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships

To Dance With The Dragon you need to Know Yourself Like Never Before and Build Better Relationships.

The Art of Kind and Flowing Relationships will help you in both those areas and more. 

Here's your Free Copy!  Click Here

Thank you for Dancing With The Dragon

“The highest version of you is waiting patiently to meet you. It always has been and always will.

It's just a matter of rising up and saying hello."

- Nicholas Haines

About your Host

Nicholas Haines

Nicholas Haines is the creator of The Vitality Test and a Kindness Ambassador and an international speaker, author, strategist, and teacher in Chinese medicine and energetics. 

He has spent all his adult life practically applying the wisdom of Chinese philosophy to health, personal development, business, leadership, relationships and international change.

Through his work at the Five Institute, he has been engaged by a diverse range of companies, individuals and organisations. From leadership teams at large corporations to NHS hospitals, educational institutes, the United Nations and international governments address issues around relationships, entrepreneurship, cultures, communication, diversity, empowerment, and kindness.

Nicholas has always considered physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing as a cornerstone of personal and international change.

As such he has spent 35 years on the frontline as a Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and running a busy Complementary Health Centre in Nottingham (UK) before retiring in 2015. As testimony to his commitment and expertise, Nick conducted over 50,000 private consultations and for over 25 years he had a waiting list of at least six months to see him as a new client, stretching at some points to a ridiculous 2-year wait.

He now proudly heads up the Five Institute.

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