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We'd love you to join and be part of our Facebook group 

This group is for people that want to build a kinder world, make a difference and support each other to have more balance and flow in our work, life and relationships.

Most people in our group have taken The Vitality Test so you'll find plenty of support, discussions about how to make the most of your Energies.  

Daily Themes

On three days of the week we follow a theme, and on the other days we discuss any topic that comes along. We have...

  • Mega Kind Mondays
  • Welcome Wednesdays
  • Free For All Friday (The Facebook Group is a sell free zone except on Fridays)

Then once a week we have a Dig Deep Day, when we drill into the Energies or a related topic in more depth. This could be a video, post or blog.

And on the last Sunday of the month, we have State and Celebrate Sunday, where we celebrate what we’ve done and set our intention for the month ahead.

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