How To Physically Step Into Each Energy

A powerful way to Step Into any Energy and embrace its Highest Vibrational State of each Energy is to move into the bodily feeling of that Energy. 

In this series of short videos, I demonstrate the Physicality and the Embodied feeling of each Energy.

Practice Stepping Into that physical state of each Energy, and get used to what it feels like in your body to be the Highest Version of that Energy. Try it out and see how it feels; get used to it.

Then, each time you want to Balance, Boost or Step Into a particular Energy, move back into that physical state and feeling again. This takes a little practice, but it’s well worth the effort. 

The Physicality of Water Energy

The Physicality of Wood Energy

The Physicality of Fire Energy

The Physicality of Earth Energy

The Physicality of Metal Energy

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